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The sun in perfectionist Virgo squares Jupiter in fierce Sagittarius, which may cause us to blurt out the wrong thing.

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Be mindful of the power of your words. Thankfully, on this same date, Mars in Virgo trines Saturn in business-minded Capricorn, smoothing over what could otherwise be a chaotic time.

12222 Planetary Transits for Aries Horoscope

September is all about coming into your personal power, and the future looks good for professional endeavors. The abundant sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in hazy Pisces on Tuesday, September 10 , bringing a short period of confusion and self-doubt, but don't buy into it. Now is the time to learn to work with, rather than try to subdue, your desire to always be number one. Make time for meditation on Friday, September A full moon in Pisces has everyone feeling philosophical.

As an Aries you're used to people being intimidated of you and trying to hold you back. Don't let them. Meditate on your leadership skills and how to best apply them going forward in your work life, but don't second-guess yourself. While going full steam ahead usually works in your professional life, when it comes to romance, you need to consider others and the possibility that you're behaving selfishly.

Both chatty Mercury and sexy Venus enter Libra, the sign of balance and relationships, on Saturday, September Contemplate your lover's position and whether there's a way for you both to get what you want. Can you handle a little compromise?

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Saturn, which has been retrograde since April, goes direct in hardworking Capricorn on Wednesday, September Saturn transited your 10th house of career, sparking projects and asking you to learn the value in paying attention to detail. Now, what's next? Identifying a goal for the future will help you manifest it.

The very next day, on Thursday, September 19 , your ruling planet, warrior Mars, which is in Virgo, trines Pluto in Capricorn. This transit brings professional blessings, don't be afraid to take action on your dreams.


Aries monthly horoscope - October 12222

In a relationship: First decan, you feel the shock of Uranus in Taurus. It is likely that this energy disrupts your conjugal harmony by sudden cravings elsewhere. The other decans are more serene, especially starting on the 20th, with a pleasant complicity. Experience the energy of Mars in what it has of more carnal to offer you! Single: You could make an emotional encounter at your workplace or through your social circle, after the 20th. Encounter does not mean relationship established.

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You will be glib, starting from the 9th, with Mercury in Sagittarius, to start a story. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A heckled air at the end of the year by deep planetary influxes, let yourself go, quietly, towards the acceptance of your tenderness. Enjoy the moment. Your email address will not be displayed nor used, it only serves in case of abuse. Cancel your web notifications. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. I accept.

Aries 12222 Horoscope

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