Leos best match horoscopes

Leo and Libra.

Leo is also a strong fit with air sign Libra. Both signs are passionate, romantic and stylish. Leo and Aquarius. Of the three air signs, Aquarius is not the strongest fit with Leo.

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Aquarius and Leo are opposite each other on zodiac wheel , which can cause some challenges. Leo and Cancer.

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Water puts out fire, and fiery Leo is usually not compatible with water signs. But Leo and Cancer both love attention — both giving and receiving it — so this can be a hot sexual match. Leo and Scorpio. These two magnetic signs may find themselves drawn to each other, and this attraction can pay off in the bedroom.

Leo and Pisces. The third water sign, Pisces , can sometimes work with Leo, Stellas says. However, Leo may be too fast-moving for Pisces, and Pisces can be too emotional for Leo, so it takes work to make this match thrive in the long run. Leo and Capricorn. The earth signs have a square, or degree , relationship to Leo on the zodiac wheel, which is not an angle that often leads to romance.


These are Leo’s best (and worst) love matches…

You would be having a grand vision of your partner and so they may not be able to meet your mark. The single Leos would be marrying through the period. Some married Leos would settle for divorce or second marriage. It would be a difficult period for you to choose the right compatible partner for life. This is because you have high ideals regarding love. If you are able to downsize your expectations, then better compatible relationships come streaming in. Your 11th house becomes strong in July This brings about new friendships and relationship which are quite compatible for you in the long run.

There would be much romance as your wavelength is in harmony with those you have opted into your life.

Leos Are Compatible Signs for Other Leos

Love pursuits of Leo guys would be fairly good all through the year Your lovers are lucky to be with you -- and you always remind them of this fact. This is attractive to some people, but others fear your need for praise will lead you to stray from committed relationships. The two of you will hit it off like old friends, as the fiery bond you share allows you to see most things in almost the exact same way.

In fact, you would probably enjoy the challenge of taming this wild one down. Here is what you need to know about getting down with the rambunctious Ram. Both of you have more than a healthy helping of self-esteem, and you both want to be the best lover anyone has ever had.

But, if you play this right, doing it as often as possible, trying to get more fulfilling every time could be a great recipe for sexual gratification on both your parts. Taurus is a very interesting challenge for you, because although this comparatively shy and retiring type will admire your dynamic personality, Taurus will also want to be the boss. To you, the sky is the limit, but to Taurus, there is a limit to the proportion of any resource -- from money to sexual energy -- that is available for sharing.

Leo Love Compatibility

Taurus will know just how to get to you, by showering you with compliments and giving you a lot of physical attention. Seduce the Bull by standing back and allowing yourself to be ravaged and adored. Taurus will enjoy the idea of you being willing to succumb to that iron will. Sexually, the two of you will have to be inspired if you expect to keep the fire burning. You might be surprised to find how well the two of you, despite your different temperaments, would do in a long-term relationship.

Taurus is loyal, just the way you like your partner to be, and you represent the kind of person Taurus can respect and be proud to be with. No one knows more about acquiring and retaining resources than this calm yet assertive, beautifully sexy animal. Gemini will ask you a battery of questions, and then based on your answers offer you a menu of talking points you might want to depart from.

Leo compatibility table

Now that you know that, you might want to take control of the situation from the get-go. If you see a Gemini that you like, say that you like nonverbal communication a lot more and you can talk later.

Least Compatible Zodiac Signs | List of Most Incompatible Star Signs

If you insist on total silence, though, this could be a very kinky thing for Gemini. Or, poor Gemini could totally panic, and report you to the police for administering cruel and unusual punishment. If you build a working relationship with this partner, Gemini will realize that the pleasure you give out in bed is well worth staying quiet for as long as it takes. Obviously, though, the two of you have a lot of stuff to work out. Looking for more love insight?

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  • Here is a person who not only caters to you, but seems to know exactly what you need before you do! Cancer will rub your feet with one hand and stroke your hair with another -- all while the most sumptuous dinner you could ever imagine is in the oven! Cancer is also a very kind, loving partner in bed.

    There is one rub here that you need to know about. This retiring some would say manipulative sign does everything for you and asks for nothing. Eventually, this is going to make you feel rather guilty! If you can handle that, your biggest problem will be dealing with being loved beyond your wildest imagination.

    Leo vs. Scorpio: Who Is The Strongest Zodiac Sign?

    Sure, you both have healthy egos, but you also understand why that is. The two of you will have a great time while you primp and pose your way to fulfillment -- but this will only work if you avoid becoming competitive. You will have to work your way through this at some juncture in your relationship.