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Want the heads-up on new arrivals, exclusive sales, event invites, and more? It's this easy:. No Thanks. To see how we may use your information, take a look at our privacy policy. Carousel button. Prices do not include taxes. Add To Wishlist. I did not face any lag or crashes while multi-tasking or switching between multiple tabs.

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With close to 20 tabs open on Chrome and with apps like Amazon Prime Video, Saavn, Camera running in the background, it did not stutter, which is great. The device can handle day-to-day tasks as well as heavy-duty games such as Asphalt-9 smoothly. During my review period, I did not notice frame drops or dip in speeds while playing such games. The sound quality is great as well till about moderate levels. The in-display fingerprint sensor was a bit of a hit and a miss but was accurate on most occasions. I was surprised with how the face unlock is so quick, especially with the pop-up selfie camera.

It was kind of fun initially to just watch the front camera quietly and quickly rise and go back down while using face unlock. The mAh battery should easily last for a day and a half with moderate usage. My daily usage included listening to songs, browsing social media, streaming videos online, messaging and making calls.


A full charge from eight per cent took about one hour and 10 minutes. The notifications panel, especially could have been cleaner and easier to use. It also bombards you with Oppo App Store notifications, but that can be turned off from Settings. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom comes across as an overall package with no major deal breakers.

The stylish design will attract attention for sure, but camera performance is where the Reno 10x Zoom shines. The Reno 10x Zoom is among the few phones you will find with the new Snapdragon processor. So, if your priorities are all those features and the price is not an issue, then Reno 10x Zoom is a good choice. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom review: Oppo Reno 10x Zoom comes across as an overall package with no major deal breakers. He shut down that company in because it was difficult to get materials, especially maple.

But, as of February this year, Sierra Nevada Skateboards is back—as a store. Sierra Nevada is a direct dealer for some of the best names in skateboarding, like Independent trucks and Santa Cruz skateboards and the store sells clothing, skateboards and parts, including shop decks and shop shirts.

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And the shop also serves as a community nexus point. Bradshaw knows many of his customers by first name and details about their lives. He just comes in. Like many specialty businesses, skateboard shops were once more common. Now there are only two. Plumb Lane. The dwindling number of skate shops—despite the continuing popularity of skateboarding—can be attributed to a couple of factors that have hurt a lot of small businesses: the big box stores, like Walmart, and the big online retailers, like Amazon.

Bradshaw prides himself in helping match boards to riders. Bradshaw is happy to note that skateboarding has become more diverse in recent years. He knows the history and culture of skateboarding, but his friendly, approachable personality is at odds with the elitist snobbery you might expect from any youth-oriented specialty store. When you look at me, you think, whose uncle is running this?

My board is really slow. Plastic trucks and everything. I keep these complete skateboards on the wall. And would they get that from Amazon or eBay? I figured rather than have them drive across town—they drive past me to go to work. We give a Tesla discount. Empress aims to show female empowerment through dance, aerial feats and comedy. Powerful women Empress In the past few years, it may feel like perceptions about women and their role in society and art have been thrown back a decade or two—or three.

A new collaborative stage show in Reno called Empress wants to send it back to modern times and throw a light on the true strength of women in the culture—and throw some shade on those misconceptions. There is something subversive going on, though. Currently, the group is providing cirque-style specialty acts for Lex Nightclub at the Grand Sierra Resort.

All that experience has led to a multidiscipline show. Sperber said that Empress aims to show different facets of female power through dance, aerial performance and comedy. We have some aerial acts that will make your jaw drop, that really show the physical strength of women, as well as the cutesy flappers you would expect. Sperber and Maria have been working on the show since January, with Maria working on the aerial portion and Sperber handling the dance choreography. For the past two months, lots of rehearsals at various spots around town have been taking place to refine elements of the show.

You can really interact with them because they are right there in front of you. There are also so many different levels there, which is really cool. Empress takes place at 8 p. Fourth St. Get tickets and more details at thebluebirdreno. Endgame picks up where that action left off, with Stark floating in space and keeping a video journal of his inevitable demise having run out of food and water.

Oh, there are tons of questions this movie needs to answer in its three-hour-plus running time.

Is Tony permanently marooned in space? Is everybody really dead? Good news: the movie answers many of your questions and more thanks to another well-balanced screenplay and a crack directorial job from the team of Anthony and Joe Russo. When you leave Endgame, your belly will be happily full of cinematic satisfaction. How do I really talk about any of this without becoming the Spoiler King?

I can tell you that the movie is the second one this year that borrows a lot from Back to the Future 2 after Happy Death Day 2U. I can tell you that the Hulk undergoes a fantastic wardrobe change. I can tell you that the New York Mets, my favorite baseball team, has been decimated. I can also tell you that it all zips by in spectacularly entertaining fashion and that very little of it misses the mark.

This is a forgivable offense; no chance you are going to get a cast this size in one room at the same time. Help us, CGI. In the middle of all the action and plot developments, Downey, Jr. Chris Evans continues to rock, while Hemsworth and Ruffalo continue to explore more humorous variations of their characters. Both are a total crack up.

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Are the Marvel movies anywhere near over with Endgame? Have some of the more popular story arcs within the Universe reached their conclusions? Set aside an eighth of one of your days, set yourself down, enjoy the ride and get some answers. The decline of Tim Burton continues with Dumbo, his wasteful remake of the classic animated movie that amounts to a big nothing, for kids and adults alike. The original Dumbo clocked in at just over an hour, while this one lasts for nearly two hours that feel like Yes, the running time has been padded, but not with anything that registers as beneficial.

A bunch of unnecessary subplots and added characters take away time from the title character, an admittedly cute CGI achievement. There are no talking animals in this movie, so scratch Timothy the mouse, the singing crows and the lullaby from Mama elephant off your list of expectations. The circus is led by Max Medici a blustery Danny DeVito , who has purchased a cheap, pregnant elephant.

He wants Holt to be the keeper of his elephants, a comedown from his previous gig as a circus cowboy. Farrell, like most of the humans in this movie, seems lost. Vandevere, the villain of the film, played by Michael Keaton, purchases Dumbo and plans to make him a main attraction at his Dreamland, which has a strong resemblance to Disneyland. So, in a way, Vandevere is modeled after Walt Disney and is portrayed as an evil megalomaniac. So, in essence, Burton gets away with indirectly portraying Walt Disney as a bit of a greedy monster. A Hellboy movie without director Guillermo del Toro proves to be a very unfortunate thing with Hellboy, the third movie based on the classic Dark Horse comic.

While Harbour Stranger Things is OK in the role, he does little to distinguish himself, basically doing some lightweight riffing on a character Perlman established. The movie is just one lackluster action sequence after another, strung together with slow dialogue scenes that do nothing to make the film feel coherent. The movie starts off on a goofy note, with Hellboy in a wrestling match with his former partner turned vampire.

That sounds stupid, and it is, giving the film a silly note to start on as the narrative jumps from vampire-slaying to giant-hunting. Hellboy battles giants, who are represented with the aforementioned choppy CGI. Marshall apparently got the go ahead to incorporate a lot of gore, and the movie has a lot of blood, to the point where it has a numbing effect.

The death of the family cat leads to an ill-advised burial in the cemetery, which leads. This remake is sorely lacking the sense of humor that made the original twisted in a solid, King sort of way. The behavior of everybody in this movie is so stupid that when it is played straight, it just comes off as moronic rather than scary. Jete Laurence is very good as the young daughter, and John Lithgow is OK with a more serious take on neighbor Jud played by the late, great Fred Gwynne in the original.

While a little sloppy at times, the movie works thanks to its central performances and warmhearted core. Zachary Levi proves an excellent choice to play the title character, the net result of a year-old boy being handed super powers by a wizard Djimon Hounsou.

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That boy is Billy Batson Asher Angel , a foster child in search of his real mom. The new Shazam, who goes by various names, including Captain Sparkle Fingers, gets coached by his superhero-obsessed sidekick and foster brother, Freddy Jack Dylan Grazer. Freddy is one of the big reasons this movie works despite its flaws. Grazer employs the same kind of whip smart line delivery that made him one of the more memorable kids running away from Pennywise.

The most public of his efforts was one in effort starring Johnny Depp and Jean Rochefort when he actually got to the point of rolling camera. As a Gilliam fan, it is with a heavy heart that I report the film is—not too surprisingly—quite the mess, the result of too many revamps and adjustments over the years. The problems are not with the performances. Adam Driver does an excellent job stepping in for Depp as Toby, a frantic, disillusioned TV commercial director who longs for the esoteric days of his not-too-distant filmmaking past a character clearly modeled after Gilliam himself.

This is the first Gilliam film shot on video, and the visual richness that accompanied his previous films is nowhere to be found. Much of this movie is just a spastic mess. Zeppelin is a and-over space combining steampunk with nouveau-classic speakeasy swank. The menu includes small snacks, dips, a shellfish raw bar, charcuterie and cheese boards, flatbreads, salads, small plates, entrees and simple-to-fancy desserts.

Gluten free and vegan options are clearly marked, and you can enjoy those bites from a combination of bar, pub and lounge-style seating areas. The service team is equipped with tablets, and everyone knew what we ordered, what was on the way, and we waited nor wanted for anything. There was a sneaky bit of heat in the background, though the meaty texture and flavor of the fungi came through. Served in a big, stainless pot and topped with sprigs of fresh herbs. It had whole cloves of garlic swimming in the broth—encircled by toasted bread rounds.

The meats ranged from small to pretty big, and a few had fallen from their shells to be fished out of the delicious goo. Pro tip: smear a garlic clove on bread, and top it with mussel after a dip in the goo. The dish was topped with chives and slivers of daikon radish, and the presentation was elegant and hearty. We went hot. The dish was served in a cast. Though disappointingly cooked medium-well, the high fat content of the meat allowed it to remain fairly juicy.

The flavor combo really differed between each slider, some being particularly sweet, others noticeably spicy. There was just too much going on to pull off a concerted result. Lastly, the little buns ranged from being soft and enjoyable, to hard and stale. This was easily the least effective item ordered. Everything about this was excellent. The large molluscs were tender and browned—the puree and seafoam adding a dramatic amount of rich flavor.

The vaguely asparagus-like texture and flavor of the greens was a nice accent. Toss in a few beers and cocktails, and we had a pretty nice time. Zeppelin is open Monday and Tuesday from 11 a. Reservations are not accepted. Learn more at zeppelinreno. Shoegaze dreams Bentbleu They say long distance musical relationships are doomed to failure, but there are several examples of bands that still make that arrangement work.

Doom-metallers Pallbearer and rock icons Pearl Jam spring to mind. Acoustic rock band Bentbleu is in the same boat. Keaton plays his minimalist drum kit with brushes, but his rhythms still have plenty of drive. Troy moved to Reno in and continued to play classical style guitar gigs and did some instruction at Mountain Music Parlor. But he got both the material and the itch to start up a band again last year.

Troy then found Pepper through the University of Nevada, Reno, website. They hope to put an album out at some point this summer. Learn more about the band at bentbleu. Second St.

McCarran Blvd. Post shows online by registerin g at www. D eadline is the Frida y before public ation. May 3, p. Wells Ave. Prater Way, Ste. Experienced Nevada Attorneys who have successfully litigated more than sexual and racial work place harassment cases. Contingent Fee Cases Accepted. The carnival opens on Friday, May 3, with free admission from p.

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The festival takes place noon to 8 p. Other festival highlights include Mexican dancing horses, amateur boxing bouts and more than vendors offering games, prizes, specialty items, clothes, arts and crafts and community information. Mexican food and other cuisine will be available for purchase. Visit www. Bring a pair of binoculars. Birders of all abilities welcome. Register online. This event helps raise scholarship funds for deserving students of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Reno Ballroom, N. Center St. Miners Park, Carson St. This event is geared toward parents and children ages years, but all ages are welcome to attend. Sundance Books and Music, California Ave. Reservations are required. Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, S. Some of the locations on the tour will offer vegetarian options. Riverwalk District along the Riverwalk in downtown Reno, , www.

Reno Little Theater, E. Pueblo St.

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Due to mature themes, situations, and nudity, all performances of Equus will be restricted to those age 18 and older. Taylor St. Nevada Museum of Art, W. Liberty St. Guest speakers will discuss a variety of topics each month. Social hour begins at 6pm, followed by the meeting at pm. Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, S.

Mountain Music Parlor, S.

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Greater Nevada Field, Evans Ave. A multi-instrument concert finale ends the festivities on Saturday night. Peppermill Reno, S. Restless Artists Theatre, 20th St. Tickets for the quartet performance on May 3 and chorus performance on May 4 in the Rose Ballroom will be available at the door.

Free admission to boutique. Nugget Casino Resort, Nugget Ave.