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Resend OTP by Call. English, Hindi Language. Faridabad Location. Supplementing those reading options are Monday morning and weekend horoscope videos. Deborah began studying astrology as a child, and she has now launched a course to help others learn applied astrology.

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Every day she has a new YouTube video with a horoscope forecast that's fun and easy to listen to. What's most popular on her YouTube channel are videos where she acts out each zodiac sign. Astrology Answers is more of an official astrology website rather than a personal astrologer website. The first option presented to you is to read your daily horoscope based on your sun sign. At the top, they give you t he usual options to learn about horoscopes, zodiac signs, and tarot to name a few subjects in astrology. If you scroll down, they also show you some of their featured articles which is, of course, an essential part of any website.

Kerry McCullam is an intuitive, astrologer, and tarot card reader. Her YouTube channel has grown in popularity since she began going online. Hers is one of the cutest astrology blogs because of the name and the layout. What sets her apart is that she also lists clairvoyance as a personal skill. Another detail that sets her apart is that she lists specific times in her schedule that she can be reached.


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She seems to have a light an airy energy that would connect well with seasoned astrology students and those who are just trying to understand how to make sense of zodiac signs and horoscopes while learning the ropes. Follow Us. Sign in. Camila Isopo Novi. Zodiac , Self March 13, These astrologers know their stuff! Click to view 12 images. Emily Blackwood. Zodiac Read Later. Find another good one, and stick to them.

Most people consult from at least 10 astrologers or sometimes even more.

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They go to the first one and then the second. Then they go to both and ask why their opinions differ. Then they go to a third one and ask which remedies to follow.

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They just keep shuffling from one person to another and getting predictions verified and cross examined. Not only will it frustrate you with anxiety for future, but it also frustrates the astrologer when you put forth ridiculous queries. There are even greater men who would go to two astrologers and follow recommendations by both even if they contradict each other.

Now the most illogical question that I have to answer to those people is why did K N Rao say this and why are you saying that? Do you see how irritating it becomes for an astrologer to address the predictions made by someone else.