18 january aquarius horoscope

Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, January 12222

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac is all about ideas. They are natural thinkers and visonaries, so will often spend a lot of time contemplating projects and plans.

Those under this star sign are often interested in charity work or raising money for good causes. They are also social butterflies and find making new friends pretty effortless. They can be quite stubborn when it comes to being flexible for other people, if you disagree with an Aquarius - prepare for a lengthy battle.


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Aquarius is an air sign and ruled by Uranus - so can have an abrupt and sometimes aggressive nature. They also have a reputation for being emotionally detached and sometimes cold, which could be problematic when it comes to relationships.

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They are most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Aquarius are least compatible with Taurus and Scorpio.

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  • Avant-garde Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the only planet in the solar system that spins on its side! Some call you eccentric, others appreciate your cutting-edge originality and authentic style. One of the many ways that Aquarius is a paradox?

    Aquarius (astrology)

    You might look like the fresh-faced guy or girl next door on the outside, but inside you march to your own beat. Many Aquarians are also naturally popular, as your vibrantly social sign loves to be among your people, telling jokes and introducing thought-provoking conversation topics.

    People truly do make your world go round, and you can become insta-BFFs with the most random strangers. Not that you care about offending anyone! Aquarius rules casual connections, and you can disengage as quickly as you connect.

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    In fact, your platonic pals may get better treatment than your romantic partners. While you can be a bit unsentimental on a one-on-one level, you can be moved to tears by the plight of animals, the environment or other social justice issues.